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Dark Shadows

Click here and visit my all time favorite soap opera!

Conceived by Dan Curtis in 1965, it ran for 5 years, and is still the only gothic soap opera to have ever lasted that long! Enjoy the Wav section where I have created over 100 wavs to use on your computer instead of the Microsoft sounds! Make sure to listen to Barnabus, Julia's Laugh, and Reverand Trask, who is always good for a laugh!

More Vampire TV shows coming soon - Forever Knight, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire, and my favorite mini-series, Vampire the Masquerade! The TV area is always under construction to bring you new and exciting entertainment!


Babylon 5

This area is under construction as it is HUGE! I have indivual files on all the characters, wavs and MOVIES!! So enjoy

This was the best Space series ever created, it had great writers and wonderful cast, and it still continues to have offshoot series such as Crusade, and many made for TV movies. I have most of the props they used and background information on them.

Lost In Space

This is my second favorite Scifi show and has lots of pictures and Wavs to amuse you!

In Like Flint

Our Man Flint

For some great groovy spy stuff, make sure to visit the Flint section. My telephone Wav is a favorite by everyone. Download it and put it in your sounds for when you receive mail and it will always make you smile! Remember - 'Z' is for Zowie (their actual organizational name!)
Casino Royale

For more amusing Spy Spoofs, make sure to check out Casino Royale! I've made some groovy wavs for this section also!





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