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The Artworks



   Katra's FREE Background Sets
Enjoy these Free Background sets, which are complete with Welcome Signs, and Matching Gifs. Take what you like and feel free to mix and match! Click on the Table under each category to access the backgrounds or Take the Tour which will take you through all the backgrounds, which are laid out to show you how the page would look with the matching buttons and gifs.

Right Click on the backgrounds to Save them to your Disk Drive. If you like my work and use it, let me know so I can see your handiwork. (Note it is a good idea to use text boxes when using tartan backgrounds to make it easier for your visitors to read your text.) Read below for MORE GOODIES!

NOTE: I've had some people ask me lately why they can't see the gifs after they have saved them to their hard drives...well, that is because you need a graphic viewer on your computer to view them there. You can get a nice FREE graphic viewer at any freeware site. I recommend Irfanview32 which has animation capabilites and a slideshow! I HAVE A ZIP FILE OF THE LATEST VERSION OF IRFANVIEW CLICK HERE It's a small 393KB download!

Some of you have been wanting a little button for a link to my page: Here is the button & the Linkto: http://bally.fortunecity.com/kilkenny/124/art/index.html
Remember that I don't require a link, but if you'd like to anyway : )

For more great free Art go to: