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I have created beautiful homes on the Worlds of Amazons(click here for website), where I am a Sister there, and also on Goth Girls, where I had the most rockin' Ice Cream Parlour in the known Universe! See the pictures of these places in the table below.

  Come check out Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island). See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side). I hope you enjoy the places I have created and will come out and visit me when you try the browser out.

Of all the wonderful places I have lived, my Golden Goddess bathes on Amazon was one of my favorite. It has no teleport location under it as it was lost in a World Crash.



I've met many great friends on this world, and after many years, I still remain one of the older members. I like to bring in munchies for the late night chat sessions with my Amazons Sisters.

Another shot of my favorite bath house. There were four pools leading into a main central pool. Each individual pool had a flower fountain in the center which was animated with a watery spray with would come up and explode in a shower of water.


Here is the garden out back of the Golden Goddess Baths. It was lovely and enchanted. I had animated elves flying about on dragons in the garden. Lovely animated butterflys also played. There were swans in the pools and many people used to sit by the wishing well and relax and chat.

I had a real love for my Bunny Park and Ice Cream Parlour on Goth Girls. Here you can see the BunnyPark in the forground and the Ice Cream Parlour peeking from over the hedge.



On this world, I met my wonderful friends, Ariana, Geordi, and Bill (Balance). We still drop each other lines, and Geordi is now working on a new theme for Goth Girls.

Here is a close-up of the Beginning stages of the Ice Cream Parlour. It was my first real roofing adventure, and gosh it took me a while to get all the angles covered. This is before I figured a way of making the Ice Cream Cone which sat on the roof (see above picture). Once I got the Ice Cream cone into place, the signs for the flavors went up, and we were in business!