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Mermaid Island is my Homebase in the Active World Universe.It consists of the pictures on this page (Mermaid Island topside) and the Galleries in the undersea areas:

Babylon 5 Area
Cloud City
Star Trek & SciFi Area
Other Pictures of Mermaid Island

Click the Links Above

  Come check out Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island). See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side).

I hope you enjoy the places I have created and will come out and visit me when you try the browser out.

The Picture on my Top Banner is of me in my Mermaid Avatar on the World of Atlantis. Mermaid Island has been rebuilt, and the new teleport area is at:




From the Islands teleport center you can get to the SciFi area, to Cloud City (new undersea construction), or my tribute to Egypt, my Garden pool and bath area, the Mini-Castle with links to my Guild.

There are three levels to the Island now, with the Topside of the island holding general links, then below that is Cloud City, and under that is the Sci-Fi area. So make sure to check out the entire area! I love to make the most of my square footage of building space!

I have many interests and there are links to them and also search engines in the Nexus area.


When I'm not building or surfing off of one of my links, I can usually be found here relaxing in my Pool.

It is a lovely spot to bring a friend and have conversation. I have Mp3 music playing on my Island. On the topside of the island there is a lovely serene melody that plays.

I lave links over to my Guild Website, at St. Andrews Noble Order of Royal Scots/Irish. There is also a link over to Live Irelands Radio station.



Below the small castle lies an underground Druids keep...a room of power from which an ancient druidess works her magic.

There are many beautiful spots on the topside of Mermaid Island. I have a love of waterfalls and induge myself thoroughly with them on my Island.

One of my favorite music area's is the Disco area inside the island, behind the mini-castle. If you click on the signs it brings up real songs on Real Audio! There is even a picture of me residing there.