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MERMAID ISLAND--Little Egypt Area:

This is the area where I have my Vacation pictures back from my stay at the Luxor....hehehe...ok, I cheating as it's the Luxor in Las Vegas, but the theme works!

  Come check out Little Egypt my Vacation spot on my Island or Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island).

See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side to visit the webpage. The Teleport locations are listed in text by the picture it refers to in the Galleries.

Little Egypt holds this years Vacation pictures in Las Vegas! I've always wanted to go to Egypt, but since there is little chance at that, I took the best next route and went to the Luxor in Las Vegas. The decor was fantastic, and the room had a bathroom to die for.



The had some fun stuff at the Luxor other than just the shows and gambling. There was a great Imax motion ride that was fun, and a museum based on the treasure of Tutankamun.

I had a great time in Las Vegas, this year, with my best friend. Two 40 year olds let loose...we saw the shows (I thoroughly recommend The Blue Man Group playing at the Luxor. I met the Six Elvi at the New York New York Hotel. What a night that was!!


In the area, there are links to the History Channel and Arts & Entertainment Channel. There you can see some truely wonderful pages on Egypt.

Stop by and visit when you can! I love a good chat and meeting new people.