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MERMAID ISLAND--Cloud City Area:

This is a new area I am building. It will house some of my family photo's when I am done. It is located privately between Mermaid Island and Down Below SciFi area.

  Come check out Little Egypt my Vacation spot on my Island or Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island).

See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side to visit the webpage. The Teleport locations are listed in text by the picture it refers to in the Galleries.

Cloud City is my personal area where I relax. I will be adding in pictures soon to this area.

Atlantis 261N 236E or for those techies that want precise bearings: I'm at: atlantis 261.9N 235.3E -4.5a 61



Remember that if you land up on the surface when you teleport in, just use your minus key (-) and hit your shift a few times and you will begin to fall through the surface to the area's down below. I recommend using my teleport center...it works the best.

My home space boasts classic lines and colors so that it is easy on the eye.

The Family Galleries will be going in soon, plus my Costume Gallery.

This area is under construction so if you visit here, please bare with the mess.


Cloud City is named as such as it rests on a series of 'clouds' above the Sci-Fi area. The last spot on the Cities edge is the new castle area. This will be a tribute to my friends. That and a good gaming center : )

LOL...I always did want to have clouds painted on my walls...now in 3D I can get it!

Outside the entrance of the Castle, the Gardens are being slowly grown.

There is a great animated Orchid residing in the Birdbath in front of the tree.

Pod city was a cool feature for a while, and I may rebuild it again sometime in the future. For now, I've scaled it down to make way for the Cloud City. You can see the windows of the B5 station down below in the background.

The tubes were fun to play in, and I had one truely awsome pod with Fireworks exploding over the walls and floors. It was home to the National UFO Center, who's webpage you could and sit and access from here.