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MERMAID ISLAND--Babylon 5 Area:

This is my dedication to the show Babylon 5. In the down below area of Mermaid Island, you can walk the halls of Babylon 5 and see all the sights.

It Is A very interactive area!

  Come check out Little Egypt my Vacation spot on my Island or Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island).

See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side to visit the webpage. The Teleport locations are listed in text by the picture it refers to in the Galleries.

As soon as you step through the gateway you are greeted by a friendly face--Mr. Garabaldi.

atlantis 261.3N 235.0E -7.8a 253



Always make sure to run your mouse tip over the Active World Browser windows to interact with signs, and teleports located within the area's.

The Ultimate interactive area is located in the ZOCOLO area. Here you can access full 360 views in your right hand side browser of the original Babylon 5 set. There are also newspapers, the B5 Encyclopedia, Drazi News, and more! It's a great place to visit with your friends, who can interact, chat and have fun here too. The stairs lead up to another teleport platform...the main one for the B5 area.


There are many Galleries to walk through, one of the best is the B5 Props Picture area. Real Props from the show, with trivia on them (make sure to run the tip of your mouse over every area when you are in the B5 section. There are trivia located in most of the pictures.)

Another one of the great Galleries is the Ships Area Gallery. All those wonderful ships from the show can be seen here. There area a few other ships which can be seen in the Alien Sector Corridor. The Ships Area Gallery corridor is leading to the new League of Worlds sector (soon to be located between PSI Corp and the B5 front main area.

Don't forget to drop by some of the residents quarters. Here is my favorite spot -- Marcus's room. To get through the room doors, make sure to hit your shift & Ctrl Key while pressing forward with your forward arrow.

Be careful! You have entered PSI CORPS! Here you can see some great photo's in a dynamic area...more Webpage links to come here soon! This is one of the many 'Domed' area's, and it has a great view an ancient city built below it.