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I have had a love for the old soap opera, Dark Shadows, since I was a kid. It came on in 1965 and ended it's last episode in 1970. It is now re-airing on the SCI-FI CHANNEL.

Here is the Link to my DARK SHADOWS Webpage

  Come check out Collinwood, my dedication to the old TV show Dark Shadows or visit my home on Atlantis (Mermaid Island). See the pictures in the GALLERIES (click buttons to the side). I hope you enjoy the places I have created and will come out and visit me when you try the browser out.

I built the small town of Collinwood on the World of AW.


AlphaWorld 976N 176W

-type this into the AW browser's teleport option.



As you drive through the town's streets, you pass by the Sanitarium, and round the bend down to the warf area where you can walk through the Main town of Collinwoods street.

As you walk along past the Teleport (Train) station, you see a welcome sight down at the end of the pier.

There are Newstands along the way (click on them and drag open your right hand side-browser to view the webpage!). The Antique store has webpages where you can buy Dark Shadows goodies!


Walking quickly, for there seems to be an erie air about the town...a certain quietness, you enter The Blue Whale restaurant and Bar. The Blue Whale is definately the hippest place at Collinwood. It's also the place for shady dealings, and one must be careful around the area after the sun set's as people tend to disappear here.

After a few drinks at the Blue Whale, you wander towards the massive mansion known as Collinwood.



It's gloomy halls beckon you inside, but be wary as some of the rooms can time-warp (teleport) you into other area's!

Collinwood from the front. It's stained glass windows reflect the quiet atmosphere of Collinwood. When you roll your mouse tip over the screen area's inside of collinwood and around it, you will often find trivia, teleports, and more to click on. There are many webpage links to help you surf in your right hand side-browser.


The dining room awaits the welcome visitor with lot's of trivia (move your mousetip around the screne area).

The area's where created as closely to pictures of the show as I was able to do with the limited pieces I worked with. If I owned my own World, I would have the building custom designed to resemble collinwoods buildings.


The foyer's stairway leads you towards the upstairs where the mysterious rooms await you.

There are webpage links to my online Dark Shadows Wav Page that you can access in the upstrairs rooms.

There are webpage links on this floor, and there are some unexpected things should you venture too far : )



Barnabus awaits you somewhere on the grounds. He often visits Josette's room.